Dorset Giant "African Style" Seat.

Above - showing the two pieces

My personal favourite!!

The Dorset Giant "African Style" seat is based on the age old African nomadic seat, whereby two simple pieces of wood slid through one another to form a seat. It is, if you like, the original "flat pack"!

It is made from British wood and painted as seen in the pictures. It comes complete with the logo. 

Each piece is 1.2 m ( 4 feet ) long.

Each piece is  38 mm ( 1.5 inch ) thick.

The base is 35 cm ( 14 inches ) across the bottom.

The two pieces together weigh 13.5 kg ( 30 lbs ).

It is sturdy, strong and very comfortable to sit on.

It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Price is £110.00 (including £30.00 postage and packing) to the U.K. mainland.